Paige Ponzeka

I'm a Developer

As a New York native, Paige spent the entirety of her professional career working in the New York City technology sector where she worked for a number of start-ups out of college. She transitioned to running website technology in the marketing realm where she worked alongside content creators, designers and strategists to create digital experiences that are optimized for customers, search engines and conversions.

She has extensive experience working with small businesses, non-profits and enterprises and helping them to optimize their digital prescence for an ever-changing online world.


Paige has worked for over a decade in the bustling startup community in New York City. She has built a variety of websites and applications for non-profits & small businesses and large enterprises. The has bought along an extensive experience in a large variety of languages and development tools.

Responsive Web Development 100%
HTML & HTML Templating Languages 100%
CSS & SASS 95%
Javascript 95%
Ruby on Rails & Web App Frameworks 95%
Object Oriented Programming 80%
Digital Marketing 80%
Search Engine Optimization 80%
React 60%



Paige Ponzeka

Paige has spend 10+ years working closely with designers, UX experts, marketers and content creators to create beautiful experiences on the web.


Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science


New York University, New York

Minor in Web Programming and Development

Digital Marketing Certification


General Assembly


Lead of Marketing & Web Technology

2014 - 2020

Big Apple Softball League, New York, NY

  • Ran marketing campaign to drive interest from potential sponsors
  • Led Newsletter and social media campaigns to drive community engagement
  • Implemented & maintained new website built on Wordpress
  • Developed new responsive monthly email newsletter template in Mailchimp.

Research Consultant


Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

  • Investigated technology of developed art installations
  • Interviewed Artists
  • Helped preserve legacy of software installations

Professional Experience

Director, Web Development, Marketing

2019 - Present

Yext, New York, NY

  • Managed team members & external consultants in large scale project
  • Developed and maintained a internal front-end design system.
  • Optimized critical webpages for page speed and SEO rank
  • Optimized analytics platforms and tools.

Senior Web Developer, Marketing

2016 - 2018

Yext, New York, NY

  • Developed wordpress template to allow teams to create web pages without requiring develop assistance.
  • Created Sprint planning flow for the team to better manage projects and timelines.

Front-End Engineer, Engineering

2013 - 2016

Yext, New York, NY

  • Worked alongside designers to enhance the visual interface of new products
  • Implemented a Live Styleguide using a Java file reader
  • Refactored SASS code to be more modular and used common SASS standards to make code easily maintainable.
  • Refactored old javascript to match modular pattern alongside preexisting templates to make html pieces reusable.
  • Developed new product features

Front-end Engineer


Group Commerce, New York, NY

  • Worked closely alongside a UX designer to implement new CMS System



Disrupto, New York, NY

  • Implemented new Ruby on Rails Powered websites for various clients including the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and Samsung


Site Development

Paige will work with you from the group up to get design and implement your website - no website experience is required. Each business is different and each website should be different, Paige will work directly with you to ensure your website is optimized to meet the goal of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Also called "SEO" for short, it’s just a fancy way of saying that Paige will make sure your website has proper configuration to rank when customers search on the web.


You won’t know your website is working if you don’t know if people are visiting. Paige will configure an analyttics plattform for you business and work with you to understand how you can see what’s happening under the hood.

Advice & Guidance

Have development experience and want to try it for yourself? Paige can provide you with one-to-one calls to troubleshoot issues or answer any questions you may have as you work on your site.

Wordpress Development

As of 2021, 455 million websites use Wordpress and that’s for a good reason. It’s a highly customizable, and powerful platform. Paige will work with you to customize your website and provide you with resources to manage the rest of the site on your own.

Digital Marketing Plans

From running digital ads to social media campaigns, Paige can advise on the best ways to target audiences to make the most our of your ads to creating campaigns to boost your following.


Below you can see the final results of some of my projects. It also goes without saying that this very website, built off of Wordpress and utilizing the Bootstrap HTML, CSS and Javascript library was built by me.

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