Visiting Redwoods National and State Parks

A Little about Redwoods National and State Parks The Redwoods National and State Parks are located along the coast of Northern California, just south of the Oregon Border. These parks are unique in that it is a collection of parks; 3 parks are owned by the State of California and 1 park is owned by

Visiting Sequoia National Park in the Winter

There are plenty of things to do around Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park in the snow and icy months. Not only are you beating all of the warm weather crowds that flock to the National Parks this time of year but you get to enjoy the snow-covered mountains amongst its famous towering trees.  The History of

Visiting Death Valley National Park in January

On my way to Vegas I stopped for a weekend in Pahrump, NV which is a city about an hour outside of Death Valley National Park. As always visiting National Parks with Nova is difficult, mainly because she can’t come to the National Parks so I only have a set amount of time at the park

On the Road, Visiting Bombay Beach & The Salton Sea

One of my favorite things to find along a hike is an abandoned things. Of course, I love a good mountain overlook. A great waterfall is always incredible but there’s just something about the bones of an old resort or mansion that has been swallowed up by nature. Every abandoned thing has a story that’s

Joshua Tree National Park

I rented a nice 2BR condo in a nice little apartment complex. The complex had several heated pools, jacuzzis and a nice walkway that ran along a golf course that was perfect for walks with Nova. Palm Springs is a desert city covered with palm trees but the snow-capped mountains aren’t far away, actually it

The best things to do in Phoenix during the holiday season

My stay was a 2 bedroom apartment with a modern kitchen and a shared backyard with the host, William and his 2-year-old Bernedoodle, Charlie. Charlie had about 20 pounds on Nova but they became fast friends and they played in the backyard often. One day, I found Charlie sitting outside my door holding his tug

On the way to White Sands National Park

The Drive | First Week of December Dec 30 Safety Third! A picture taken of the landscape outside my window during my drive. One week, almost 20 hours of driving through three states, two overnight stops and one “road” that was really just a slab of cement with a creek running over it defines my