On my way to Vegas I stopped for a weekend in Pahrump, NV which is a city about an hour outside of Death Valley National Park. As always visiting National Parks with Nova is difficult, mainly because she can’t come to the National Parks so I only have a set amount of time at the park before I have to head home but we have a system and it works for us.

I’m not sure I’ve quite figured out a rhythm to visiting national parks, am I supposed to visit a number of times over multiple days or one long visit, I’m still unsure but perhaps the experience is whatever you want it to be. 

Anyway in Death Valley I made a mad of several “Sights” I wanted to see. Those Included: 

Devils Golf Course – An immense area of rock salt eroded by wind and rain into jagged spires.

Badwater Basin – Home to the lowest point in North America, Badwater Basin has nearly 200 miles of salt flats. This was once the site of the large ancient inland Lake.
Zabriskie Point –  A famous point in Death Valley to take in a sunrise
Artists Palette – The rocks of Artists Pallet have an array of colors that create an incredible effect. These colors are from volcanic deposits rich in compounds such as iron oxides and chlorite, which creates a rainbow effect.  

The visit to Death Valley was short, I think in the future I’d stay for a couple of days inside the park and get more long hikes in. 

Next stop on my trip was Las Vegas!